Les Pompes Gentilles (Gypsy Jazz)

Lulu Swing (Les Pompes Gentilles)
Douce Ambience (Les Pompes Gentilles)
Nuages (Les Pompes Gentilles)

Kabinettett (Jazz)

Azul (Kabinettett)
Autumn Leaves (Kabinettett)
Clockwise (Kabinettett)

Surf Kapelle (Surf-Rock)

Apache (Surf Kapelle)
Surf Beat (Surf Kapelle)
Telstar (Surf Kapelle)


Grillentechno (Stubenteccno)
Bugge (Stubenteccno)

Dies & Das

How low Can You Go? (AS5)
Blues on The Corner (AS4)
Smokin At Tiffany’s (Chaos Total)
How High The Moon/Ornithology (AS)
Funky Unity (AS)